Parking Regulations

Overnight Parking

There is a parking ban in effect from 3 to 6 am every night. In the event that an emergency arises and you need to leave your vehicle in the street overnight, you should contact dispatch at 216-475-1234. If you need extended overnight parking permission (i.e., new driveway, construction, etc.) you should contact the Records Bureau during business hours at 216-475-4633.

Snow Ban Restrictions

In the event the Mayor or the Service Director declares a snow emergency, no vehicles can be parked on any street at any time until the snow emergency has been lifted. Overnight parking permits are not exempt from this restriction.

Annual Parking Permits

Annual parking permits are issued in September for residents who do not have enough room in their driveway for all their licensed vehicles. Annual permits can be requested by filling out an application at the Records Bureau during business hours. If the application is approved, the resident will receive a parking sticker for the annual cost of $15.