K-9 Team

K-9 Team - Dogs and OfficersDuties

The K-9 Team works regular uniform patrol and responds to a variety of calls such as:

  • Area/building searches for suspects/narcotics
  • Article searches
  • Building searches
  • Burglaries
  • Officer-safety assists
  • Suspect tracking

Canine officers may also assist on other police calls but the K-9 Team tries to stay available for calls where the K-9 Team may be deployed. Canine teams also participate in many civic functions and educational demonstrations throughout the year.

Drug Dogs

Police dogs that are used for locating narcotics are called Narcotic Detection or Drug Dogs. These dogs are trained to find the scent of marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Dogs that make good drug dogs have a high “play or ball drive.” The dogs are trained to search buildings, vehicles, open areas, luggage, and packages. A drug dog's “alert,” in itself, may be considered sufficient probable cause for a search warrant to be obtained.

Patrol Dogs

Police Dog in Front of a Squad CarDogs that are used for locating criminal suspects are called Patrol Dogs. These dogs are trained to locate human scents. A dog's nose is estimated to be anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times stronger than the human nose.

Patrol dogs search buildings and open areas, track suspects that have fled an area and can locate any evidence that a suspect discards. Patrol dogs search buildings or open areas simply by trying to locate any human scent in that area. A patrol dog can search a building or area faster, with less manpower and more safely and accurately than an officer. A patrol dog is also able to locate evidence that a suspect may have discarded. The dog does this by, again, searching for human scent.

When a person handles a gun, knife, wallet or any other object and discards it, that person's scent remains on the object for a period of time. The dog may find this evidence while on a track or when called to search an area after a suspect has been located.

Our Team

Our team consists of:

  • Patrolman Tim Baon and K-9 Echo
  • Sergeant Carlos Crespo and K-9 Kreed 
  • As of 2/10/22 Deputy Merchant and K-9 Arlo have retired. (K-9 Arlo Career Review)

Welcome New K-9 Officer Kreed 

Creed was sworn in on October 25, 2021


Welcome New K-9 Officer Echo

Echo was sworn in on July 12, 2021

K-9 Officer Echo and His Trainer