Daytime / Evening Curfew

Daytime Curfew

Codified Ordinance 531.05 addresses that compulsory school-age children are mandated to be in attendance at school and cannot be on the streets or sidewalks between 9 am to 2 pm on a school day. If a child has a late start or early release school schedule he/she may only be on the streets during the restricted hours if she/he is directly en route to or from school. Any minor violating this ordinance is subject to arrest and appearance in Juvenile Court. Any parent or guardian of a minor violating this ordinance may be issued a citation that will require an appearance in Garfield Heights Municipal Court.

Evening Curfew

Age GroupProhibited Hours
12 and Younger9 pm to Dawn
13 to 149:30 pm to 6 am
15 to 1611 pm to 6 am
17Midnight to 6 am