• Young Girl Learning to Skate
  • Siblings Skating While Holding Hands
  • Mom and Her Son Pet Benny
  • Kids Learning How to Skate Cling to the Edge of the Rink
  • Beny Holding a Hockey Stick
  • Benny with His Trainers
  • Benny with Girls Smiling for the Camera
  • Benny Skating Between Cones
  • Benny Skating at High Speeds
  • Benny Showing of His Skating Skills to Kids
  • Benny Jumping
  • Benny Jumping over a Hurdle
  • Benny Jumping over a Hurdle Towards His Trainer
  • Benny Jumping over a Hurdle Made of Traffic Cones and a Hockey Stick
  • Benny Approaching a Hurdle
  • Benny and Kids Taking a Group Photo

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