Building Department

5407 Turney Road, Second Floor

Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

Phone: (216) 475-3835
Fax: (216) 475-6081
Monday - Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm

The goal of the Building Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through the interpretation and enforcement of the Garfield Heights building codes, zoning codes, and other applicable regulations governing construction and land uses.

The Building Department provides supervision of construction activities, issuance of all building/mechanical/electrical/plumbing permits, registration of contractors, plan verification for compliance with the Ohio Building Code, NEC, Residential Code of Ohio for 1, 2, and 3 Family Dwellings, and the Garfield Heights Planning/Zoning Codes.

The Building Department also inspects properties, which in turn helps to maintain property values, through the enforcement of the Garfield Heights Exterior Maintenance Code, Point-of-Sale Inspection Procedure, and Rental Property Registrations/Inspections.


Loans and Grants Available for GH Residents

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Homebuyer Incentive Program Developed to Improve Home Sales 

Everyone knows the housing market across the nation has been terrible in recent years, but Garfield Heights officials continue to be committed to filling as many vacant homes as possible here in the city. After meeting with a group of realtors and financial experts, a Homebuyer Incentive package was developed and is now being offered to potential buyers. 

Buyers are no longer required to put repair funds into an escrow account for violations cited during the mandatory point-of-sale inspection. Repairs still must be made prior to the deadline set by the city’s building department, but lifting the financial burden of putting the money into escrow is a huge benefit to potential buyers. 

The incentive also includes a one-year family recreation pass to all qualified buyers. The Dan Kostel recreation facility certainly is a perk that families can enjoy.  

Since implementing the incentive package, home sales increased, according to the Northeast Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service. Revitalization of the Garfield Heights housing market is extremely important and we are certainly focusing our efforts and resources on it. The goal is to increase sales price averages throughout the year.  

Mortgage Help

The City of Garfield Heights has partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland (NHS). NHS provides free housing counseling to residents who have high interest rate and/or adjustable rate mortgages OR if a resident is having trouble making their mortgage payment. Residents of any NE Ohio city are eligible to use this service. This service is FREE.

We would like to welcome Ms. Keisha Matthews as the new Housing Counselor assigned to Garfield Heights. She will be at The Civic Center (5407 Turney Road) every WEDNESDAY f rom 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call the NHS main office at 216-458-4663 to schedule an appointment with Keisha.

Healthy Home Grant

The Cuyahoga County Healthy Homes Initiative will implement the state Weatherization program and Healthy Homes Interventions in the homes of 100 children and seniors suffering from, or at risk of developing asthma or other respiratory conditions throughout Cuyahoga County. The focus will be on reducing asthma triggers, including molds; by addressing moisture problems, removing water damaged building materials, providing specialized cleaning, etc. as well as general injury prevention specifically targeted in homes where senior citizens are the index client. Additional attention will be paid to energy and water conservation. The main project outcomes will be to measure the change in the chronic respiratory health conditions of children < 16 years of age, and adults > 65 years, of age while also measuring the reduction in unintentional injuries.

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Building Commissioner
Mr. William Wervey
Phone: (216) 475-3835

Point-of-Sale Inspections

Point-of-Sale inspections are required for all structures being sold, transferred, or otherwise conveyed. The exteriors/interiors of the properties are inspected; a Compliance Certificate is required for transfer of title.

Effective through November 5, 2012, buyers will not be required to put repair funds into an escrow account for violations cited during the point of sale inspection. The affidavit and Acknowledgement forms must still be signed prior to transfer and repairs still must be made by the deadline (90 days from date of transfer).

Registration and Inspection of Rental Units

Rental of single or multi-family homes require owners to register the property, identify the occupants and schedule inspections of each unit. The fee is $100 for the first unit and $25 for each additional unit.

Annual registration and inspection of rental property is required. 


All contractors are required to register with the City in order to register permits.

The three forms below must be completed and submitted along with the $75 application fee (cash or check payable to City of Garfield Heights) to the City Building Department.


City of Garfield Heights requires notification of a foreclosure filing within ten days of that filing with the relevant court.
Please use the following form, and return with check payable to City of Garfield Heights. See Codified Section 1314.

Property Information Requirement

City of Garfield Heights also has a Property Information Form requirement. Please return this form. There is no fee associated with this form.


Permit applications may be obtained from the Building Department or downloaded in PDF format.

For information on Zoning and Building Codes and Permit Fees go to:

Zoning Code: Chapter 1100
Building Code: Chapter 1300
Permits/Fees: Chapter 1313
Housing Code: Chapter 1400
Please click here to download the Garfield Heights official zoning map.
Please click here to download the Garfield Heights official address map

Construction of new buildings and/or property owners who intend to construct new buildings and/or additions, are required to appear before the Planning Commission.

For information contact Eloise Dolph at or 216-475-3835.

New 1 or 2 family dwelling, addition, alteration, or accessory structure
plan requirements for additions and structural renovations
construction conformance requirements for garages
garage construction requirements

New commercial building, addition or alteration

Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Aluminum or vinyl siding
Residential roofing
Commercial flat roof
Concrete replacement
Asphalt paving
Swimming pool
Swimming pool requirements

Fence Permit
Fence Application Process

Garage Sale Permit
Sign Application
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